Zen Space

A Solo Show By Satish Gupta

Oct 03, 2019   |   New Delhi

ZEN SPACE In these unusually troubled times where we see so much hatred,violence and division on the bases of religion, race,wealth caste. nationality,gender,immigration-contemporary art is justifiably a reflection of that. But what i see all around me in Art.music,film,Literature is that the uglier the expression.the more seriously it is taken .This is just the opposite of the Zen concept of wabi and sabi. where beauty is found even in the mundane.the simplest things in life.I think that’s because we have stopped looking inwards. There is no time to reflect on what is of value for the spirit.Even our most traumatic encounters can be expressed in an aesthetic way by absorbring their intensity.distilling them andonly then expressing them. Zen to me is not just a philosophy.It is a way of life .It is my very being.The Zen Philosophy permeates every action that I can choose to take or not take. It greatly inspires me by its simplicity, tranquility, its asymmetry, it’s play of opposites:the rough and the smooth, the nebulous and the steadfast, the micro and the macro. Creation is time independent, It transcends eternity.Creation is happening all the time. This magnificent universe. This awe-inpiringcosmos is being bron. Is dying and is being reborn at each instant.There is nothing static.nothing permanent.It is an endless dynamic process with everything originating.growing.expanding like a supernova.decaying and contracting into a black hole…repeating the process endlessly.this play of voids and fullness, stillness and movement,’Shunya-the empty Zen circle,’is the central concept underlying this body of work. SATISH GUPTA Zazen Studio,New Delhi,India