Red is the Color Of Love

Red is the Colour Of Love

Dec 19, 2020   |   Online Show

 Red is the color of Love, so it is associated with energy, strength, power,

determination as well as passion, desire. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances
human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It has very high
visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In
heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. It is a color found in many national flags. Red brings
text and images to the foreground. Use it as an accent color to stimulate people to make quick
decisions; it is a perfect color for 'Buy Now' or buttons on Internet banners and websites. In
advertising, red is often used to evoke erotic feelings (red lips, red nails, red-light districts,
'Lady in Red', etc. This color is also commonly associated with energy, so you can use it when
promoting energy drinks, games, cars, and items related to sports and high physical activity.
In color psychology, red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. While cool colors like
green and blue are generally considered peaceful and calming, red is considered the warmest
and most contradictory of the colors. In fact, this fiery hue has more opposing emotional
associations than any other color passion and love.
This stimulating color is also associated with excitement. Studies show that being exposed to
or wearing red can cause some of the following physical effects all of these physiological
changes naturally cause your energy levels to spike. The color is also known to increase your
appetite by increasing your metabolism, which is why red is such a popular color.