Waves of infinity-Sound Light Time

Waves of infinity-Sound Light Time

Jan 05, 2021   |   Online Show
believe, contemplation and self surrender are two essential conditions to apprehend the knowledge of the infinity. It is a continuous process of moving towards abstraction, of moving away from what is finite towards infinity. It is a process where every physicality dissolves, disintegrates layer by layer and your sensory-emotional receptors perceive depths to bear witness to the formless--the infinite. This journey/process from form to formlessness has a deep relation with devotion (mind) and devotion gives rise to motion (body) and when they both work together they find the direction that is the goal—the one complete whole. The lines that I draw are the lines of thoughts searching the truth of ‘Infinity’. I make their ends free to flow. My artworks encode my philosophical journey in a meaningful poetry and the key to the code is lying in the purely linear geometric elements, in the signs and symbols and if you hearken to their call, they will themselves guide you to their way.
Faiza Huma
Awards (selected)
Bharat Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art; 2018
Pollock Krasner Foundation grant Newyork; 2016
Junior Fellowship, Ministry of culture, India; 2008-09
78 th All India Fine Arts and Craft Society Award New Delhi; 2006
72 nd All India Award Amritsar; 2006
Madhya Pradesh State Award; 2005.
Date of Birth: 3 rd April 1976.