Annual Show
Art of India... Reclaiming... the Present
Jan 01, 2009   |   New Delhi

Show in LA, Arushi Arts presents New Art from IndiaThis presentation of new and recent Indian art by Delhi-based Arushi Arts, one of the country’s leading, and pioneering, contemporary galleries, is designed to introduce the Los Angeles (and by extension American) public not just to Indian art, but to the notion of an Indian art. The variety of styles, methods, subjects, and media seen in this exhibition indicates at once that India’s artists come from many different backgrounds, from academic to tribal, and that they are largely quite familiar with the range of practices available, and inventable, in our post-modern era. What unites this eclectic sampling of an eclectic art scene is the abiding effort of the artists here to make something Indian, as well as something personal, out of whatever visual language is being approached. This is not a nationalist impulse but a culturally positivist one, an increasingly confident assertion of artistic self-possession.