Annual Show
Tribute to Suneet Chopra Harvest 2024
Apr 04, 2024   |   W-23, Grater Kailash part- 2, New Delhi- 110048
The image of Suneet that has been vividly etched in my mind is that
he was always full of life, intellectually and socially—his essence, being,
truly larger-than-life.
Always emotionally supportive to friends, and on the side of justice, his
voice was persuasive and hearty, with a deep sense of being humane.
He was seen visiting perhaps all the art galleries in Delhi NCR and
actively participating in art and social events. Politically, he was a
committed person, always on the left, but also rising above any petty
I met Suneet about forty years ago. A very likeable person, I found
him so from the very first meeting. It did not matter to him which
class or group someone was from; he would always talk to anyone
introduced to him in a friendly manner. If the person happened to be an
art lover, he would also suggest supporting young talent in whichever
way one could. He himself used to write on young painters, sculptors printmakers, whenever he was exposed to their works. He would also
collect works, not only by appreciating them but he never flinched
from purchasing them at the quoted price.
Seeing him in a show, in an art event, or just meeting him while crossing
a road, on a street, would instantly cheer me up. We would smile at
each other and start talking about any subject that was on his mind
at that moment. His talks were always stimulating, and his knowledge
of art and writing was sound. There was no dearth of suitable words
wherever he wanted to express something, even in a complex work. His
writing is easy to grasp and beautiful in its expression, giving delight
whenever we read it.
His love for poetry knew no bounds; whenever he saw a poet at a party,
he would request them “dqN lquk;s”, to recite something. He wanted to
be at any event where art was being celebrated, and this would cause
him some hurry, as being in a metro city, it was not always possible to
easily reach from one place to another.
After truly settling in a place of his choice, he would be in a good
mood, sharing his views on someone’s work, being comfortable with
his friends and acquaintances, and at times, remembering artists who
have been ‘forgotten’ or overlooked.
I can never forget our last meeting, a reception thrown after a show.
Our wine glasses were handed to us, and Suneet, with laughter and
cheer, turned to me. He shook my glass in the manner of one friend
shaking another’s hand, creating a resonating sound that added to our
shared joy. The memory of this particular gesture lingered on as many
friends shared pictures of it on Facebook.
His fond memories inspire us to embrace the full spectrum of life with
warmth, empathy, and a camaraderie so dear, so genuine that will
always resonate like an unforgettable melody to those who tuned in to
it even once.
Suneet, we can never forget you. You were generous to the core. Your
devotion to art and artists will always inspire us and many others who
came to know you, even for a short while. That devotion was expressed
not only in words but also in your very persona.
Prayag Shukla
Poet, Art Critic